pymucl is a MUC client for telepathy, especially aimed at Maemo 5. It is written in Python and is open source software. The GUI currently uses Qt4, which might change to hildon/gtk in the future.

I started the project because Nokia was not able to deliver a MUC client for their software. There are other group chat clients in the repositories but none of them uses the accounts already available on Maemo. The program will integrate into Maemo seamlessly as it uses the existing IM accounts.

The Plan

The actual functionality is already there. Maemo uses telepathy for instant messaging which is a really cool framework. It provides the accounts and connections through DBus. The idea is that multiple applications can provide instant messaging, games and other kinds of connectivity through one connection. The framework already supports MUC channels, the only thing missing is a frontend. That is where pymucl steps into the breach.


The program was hacked together to the first release in one week. Basic functionality exists but there was not much testing until now. I do know that the GUI is far from perfect and there is some functionality missing. I hope it will be useable soon.

If you know what you are doing, please test it as described in the next paragraph.

Test it

The easiest way to install pymucl is to install it from Maemo extra-devel. Either activate the repository and select it from the network category or click here on your N900.

You can still download a tarball of the current release or the progress of the development repository.

To start the program run 'python'. You will be welcomed by a room selection dialog where you have to setup your channels. Again: There is no need to setup any other accounts than the ones you might already have configured for Maemo. They can be set up in Maemos settings program.

The current dependencys are python, python-telepathy, python-dbus and python-qt4.

Goals and Todos

The final goal is a stable, smart and user-friendly MUC client and world domination. At least one of these goals should be in range.

There currently are many small and big tasks on my list and I am too lazy to list them here. If you have any ideas or want to contribute, please contact me.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Bug tracking is available at BitBucket